Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Spindrift Couloir

Spindrift + from Matt Primomo on Vimeo.

Monday, December 7, 2015

About Matt

Matt grew up in upstate NY, and knew that moving west was the only option after tasting a couple of classic 16" storms followed by blue sky days in the Sierra during a highschool trip with friends.
He worked his way up from the bottom, working as a lifty, then going to school (Colorado Mountain College-Leadville), then as a ski patroller and some ski guiding, back to school (Univesity of Colorado), and eventually got a job guiding for Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. This put him at the forefront of guiding in the USA, and he was fortunate to guide people from all around up the classic peaks of the NW and Alaska.

The love of snow covered mountains was irresistable, and he landed an avalanche forecasting job during the summer months in Chile.

Matt grew to not only love Chile, but he basically became one (ha!) while spending 5 years living there, avalanche forecasting, teaching, and exploring the ski potential. From the first year, friends would visit and he had a blast introducing them to the people, the mountains, and the food. In the process he has logged many first descents with friends from near and far. It is only natural that he will begin to offer these services to those who would like to join him on truly amazing ski adventures, and immerse oneself in a new culture.

In 2015 with 11 back to back winters, he was ready for a Northern Hemisphere summer and wanted to spend more time alpine and rock climbing. Matt landed a job at Exum Guides in the Tetons, and joined the family of the USA's first mountain guide service.

In the winter you may find him Avalanche Forecasting for the Utah Department of Transportation, teaching AIARE avalanche education courses with White Pine Touring, or guiding skiing or ice climbing with Utah Mountain Adventures. If he's not out working, he's out playing or training with friends or his girlfriend Stella. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Utah Powder Days

Ski the greatest snow in the world! I will be in Salt Lake from December through early April. Come experience the easy access, big vert, touring circuit that is the one and only Wasatch Mountains in the winter. All trips are guided through Utah Mountain Adventures.

One-ride lift access to off piste laps out of Alta or Brighton. We ride a lift to the ridge line, then ski out of bounds from there. This is the easiest option, exertion wise. Must be able to walk uphill a couple hundred vertical feet at a time in between laps. Session the likes of Dry Fork, Rocky Point, Wolverine Peak, Wolverine Cirque, and Patsy Marley.

Anthony finding the goods as Vanessa sets up for the shot.

The ever popular "Bi-Canyonal". When we drop a car off at the Big Cottonwood Park n Ride, then ride the UTA bus, or hitchike up to the town of Alta. We'll find our way into the so affectionately called "Northern Powder Circuit" aka NPC. The awesome benefit of climbing 800-1200 vertical feet of south facing slopes is handsomely rewarded by dropping in from the top of some high north facing cirques. We'll work our way over passes and down the ridgelines, finding stash after stash of classic open bowls to steep and tight couloirs. The day ends with a dramatic ski down canyon and into lower Big Cottonwood, where we hitchike back to the lot. Beers at the Porcupine Grill are also recommended.

Cardiac Ridge, a classic Wasatch ski zone.

Ski Mountaineering
Consult with Matt to decide upon the best option based on your hopes and dreams, and the conditions of course! Want to ski the Pfeifferhorn? How about the Y Couloir? Or Mt. Timpanogos? Just let me know and lets make that happen.

Dromedary and Twin Peaks, both excellent objectives for the aspiring ski or snowboard mountaineer.

Matt is a great instructor and you can expect to learn about the following skills as "teachable moments" arise in the field:
Current snowpack and avalanche situation
Snowpack evaluation
Routefinding and track setting
Uphill ski/splitboard techniques
Downhill ski/splitboard techniques
Tips and tricks